Image Boxes & Prints

It’s taken me a few years and a lot of research to find my favorite labs and choose my favorite prints and products from those labs.  I have to say, I am THRILLED to be able to share the rewards of my hard work with you!  These have got to be some of my absolute FAVORITE products!!

Let’s start with the prints!

Have you ever had a favorite print that you framed, and it looked like it was warped once you hung it on the wall?  Like it needed something to hold it in place?  I have . . . and I hated it.  I finally had pictures of my kids hung on the walls, and I wasn’t happy with the way they looked.  The pictures were great and I loved the frames, but ugh . . . something was off.  Upon further investigation, I found that the photos wasn’t laying flat in the frame, causing it to look warped and awful.  Well  . . . NO MORE!!

These beauties are called mounted prints.  They are mounted on matboard (1/16″ for smaller prints and 1/8″ for larger ones).  This backing is just enough to provide support and protection for the image without making it bulky or too large for framing.  Most frames still come with a cardboard insert ~ just get rid of that and these mounted prints will fit perfectly in your frames!   These images are also fingerprint resistant so your smaller images will be protected from oily fingers and the less careful ones that might bend your photos!

The Image Box!

When you order the Heirloom Collection, your 5×7 Mounted Prints will come in this stunning Image Box!  With a Custom Photo Cover design, your Image Box will look great in any setting and with any decor.  Display your Image Box with the photos from your Senior Portrait Session for a personalized centerpiece and instant conversation starter.  If you plan to give away your 5×7 Mounted Prints, your Image Box will make a great place to store your Senior Year Keepsakes ~ like your graduation tassel!

The Photo Cover has a smooth Matte Finish and the photo wraps around the entire outside of the box to cover the front, spine, and back with one of your images from your Senior Portrait Session.  The photo also wraps around the inside of the box with tight corners and is covered with a fabric interior to hold it all in place.  There is a ribbon connected to the inside bottom of the box to allow for easy removal of the images or keepsakes kept inside.

Personally, I know my boys won’t want one of these Image Boxes . . . but I do!  I plan to keep little treasures from their school age year tucked inside.  Someday, I’ll show them to their children ~ my future grand-babies!  My daughter, on the other hand, is ready for me to order one for her now!  However you decide to use your Image Box, I know that you will treasure it for a lifetime!

If you would like more information about my Photo Collections or about scheduling your Personal Consultation or Session, please feel free to Contact me anytime!

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