The Accordion Brag Books!

Here is another favorite product of mine that has been a hit with my clients!  This little booklet holds a total of 12 individual wallet sized images.  The photo covers have a beautiful matte finish and close magnetically to insure the booklet stays safe and secure. The inside pages are a thick photo paper which feel so nice in your hands.

You have to option to use vertical and horizontal images, and can mix and match them however you like.  All you have to do is choose the images you want, and I’ll take care of the rest.

The Accordion Brag Books come in sets of 3, making it an ideal gift to share with your family members.  That way mom get one for her purse and so do both grandmothers.  Any which way you decide to split them up, you will have a happy family members!

If you would like more information on these wonderful booklets or would like to schedule your Photo Session, please feel free to contact me!

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